Why Is Smeg So Expensive: Top Four ReasonsWhy Is Smeg So Expensive: Top Four ReasonsWhy Is Smeg So Expensive: Top Four Reasons
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Why is Smeg so expensive? This is a common question among those who love Smeg products and those who shop for high-quality kitchen products.

Smeg’s products are designed with an eye-catching 50s retro design. This is ideal for people who love accented kitchen accessories and for those who love to keep appliances stacked on countertops. These appliances also offer functionality.

It can however be very difficult to acquire a stylish-looking kitchen when most of these products come at a high price. In this guide from Cook Room Kitchen, we take a closer look at why Smeg products are so expensive and discuss whether these products are worth the higher price. 

 Who Is Smeg?

Before we dive into all the detail about why this kitchen appliance brand is so pricey, it is probably a good idea to take a closer look at this company.

Smeg is a renowned kitchen brand that originates from Northern Italy. The company was founded by Vittorio Bertrazzoni in 1948 and first specialized in producing enamel and metal kitchen products. 

Over time, this brand grew in popularity, and it quickly expanded and started producing other types of kitchen accessories. Then, in 1956, Smeg started making white goods or larger appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers designed to ease housework. 

In 2014, Smeg also started developing small appliances like kettles, toasters, coffee machines, mixers, and food processors.

Most of the large appliances from Slog are manufactured in Italy, however, one of their four major branches responsible for developing smaller parts is based in China. 

Why Is Smeg So Expensive?

White and Black Bread Toaster on White Shelf

Smeg products are priced anywhere from $200 to $5500 or perhaps even higher and they do offer a huge variety of items to choose from. However, compared to other products that provide the same functionality, you can end up dishing up to 10 times more for Smeg items.

For example, you can get a non-branded electric kettle for as low as $15, while the price of a higher quality brand like Hamilton Beach is about $55, and Breville’s electric kettles range from $99. On the other hand, Smeg kettles usually range from $150 to $389, depending on its features.

There are quite a few reasons for Smeg to be so pricey. Here is a quick look at the top reasons you can expect to dish out so much more for Smeg products.

You Are Paying for Style

Smeg products come at a huge price because of their design. You can display Smeg appliances on any countertop to make a statement. Smeg charges so much for their designs because they invest so much in the style during development.

Smeg uses elite designers to assist with developing all of its products. Here is a quick look at some of the leading designers Smeg regularly works with when creating a new product.

Guido Canali

Guido Canali is one of the most famous architects in Italy and has been working with Smeg since 1985. This designer’s input is behind Smeg’s Classica range, and his personal touch can be observed in various products such as ovens, hobs, dishwashers, and more.

Mario Bellini

Product designer and architect Mario Bellini was employed to develop two Smeg product ranges: the Victoria and Contemporary. 

Renzo Piano

Renzo Piano is a world-renowned architect for architectural buildings like the New York Times Scraper. His input was used to develop steel hobs and sinks for Smeg. 

Marc Newson

Marc Newson is an Australian designer who assisted with the development and design of Smeg’s Newson range and is the mastermind behind their colorful pallets that bring so much joy into kitchens.

Designers Matteo Bazzicalupo and Raffaella Mangiarotti’s 

Matteo Bazzicalupo and Raffaella Mangiarotti’s works have some of the most significant impacts on the style of residential kitchens because they are responsible for the design of Smeg’s 50s-styled products as well as the look of most of their small appliances. 

With so much invested in the design and development of Smeg’s products, it becomes pretty clear why so many are willing to dig deep into their wallets to own a Smeg product. 

Smeg Is A Luxury Brand

Smeg products are not designed for average consumers. Instead, this company has its sights set on a higher-income target market. 

Investing in a Smeg product is like investing in a designer clothing or car brand. However, when you invest in a renowned brand like Smeg, you are not just buying a product. You are also investing in status and a higher symbol. 

Their products are sourced from fine materials and feature a quality build. And yet, when you compare these items to other brands, it becomes pretty clear that there isn’t too much difference in performance and quality. They don’t offer the most innovative tech or revolutionary designs worldwide. Investing in these products is meant for flaunting status symbols, status symbols, and style.

Products Are Mostly Sourced from Italy

Smeg is an Italian brand name, and most of its products are manufactured in Italy, except for certain parts and small appliances manufactured in China. 

It is natural to expect to pay more when products are imported from overseas since these goods need to be transported long distances, and many funds need to be put towards importation fees. 

It also makes sense to pay more when purchasing from an international firm in a first-world country like Sweden, Italy, France, or the USA, or even when something is locally produced compared to buying from a third-world country.

The Reputation Institute ranks Italy 12th out of 200 in the world. Since this is a very high ranking, you would expect to pay more for higher quality goods from this country. Therefore, not only are you purchasing from a first-world foreign country, but you are also investing in a reputable brand even in this region. 

Many consumers are happy to pay this luxury price for a product sourced from foreign shores. It certainly feels majestic to own a kettle that was manufactured in Italy or to have an authentic Persian carpet that was made in Iran. 

Sourcing products from leading designers in foreign countries is a terrific way to create a more engaging, charismatic, and authentically rich feel inside your home.

Limited Stock and Editions

Different Household Appliances on Table in Kitchen

Smeg luxury kitchen appliances and products are sold in collection lines, and this pristine brand often collaborates with infamous businesses or individuals to create limited-edition products or collection lines. Here is a quick look at some of Smeg’s current ranges.

50s Style Collection

The 1950s-style retro collection from Smeg is one of their most popular ranges. This collection includes a wide range of products such as fab fridges, electric kettles, hand mixers, stand mixers, blenders, toasters, coffee machines, blenders, food processors, coffee grinders, and even frying pans

All of the products in this collection are designed with soft curves, elegant lines, and pastel hues. 

Sicily My Love Collection

This range by Smeg is highly fashionable and the most expensive of their ranges. For this range, Smeg teamed up with Dolce and Gabbana to create a very unique domestic appliance collection that includes a kettle, citrus juicer, toasters, and a slow juicer.

Dolce Stil Novo Collection

This collection includes a range of stylish wall ovens, hobs, warmer drawers, extractors, and coffee machines. All of the products in this range feature a sleek design with just a little bit of fine detail.

Classic Collection

The classic collection by Smeg includes products like electric ovens, gas-electric ovens, warmer drawers, dishwashers, coffee machines, hobs, and microwave ovens in a stylish stainless and black finish. This classic collection is perfectly compatible with modern kitchen designs.

Linea Collection

This range also includes ovens, microwave ovens, coffee machines, gas hobs, and extractors in a muted grey hue to liven up your kitchen without overpowering other features. 

Are Smeg Appliances Worth It?

This answer may vary for different individuals. 

Smeg certainly is an ideal investment for high-income individuals or anyone interested in the fashion, architecture, and interior decor industry. This certainly is a worthy investment considering all the effort to develop these ranges.

For average households, the Smeg range is, however, not an ideal investment because the performance level of these devices isn’t much different from budget kitchen appliances. This is especially true since many other brands like Nostalgia, Redmond, and Brentwood also have quite a few retro appliance collections.


So, why is Smeg so expensive? When you dig a little bit deeper, it becomes clear that a lot more effort went into the design and development of products from this brand. Other factors like country of origin, quality built, and scarcity also plays a massive role in the product’s price range.

Whether Smeg appliances are worth it depends on the income level and interests of the consumer. We will leave this one up to you since everyone can only make do with the budget they are operating in.

We hope that you found this guide helpful. And if you are looking for other style tips or cooking tips, then you should have a look at some of the other guides we have on Cook Room Kitchen. With our guides, you can learn heaps about cooking or find the latest and best kitchen accessories. 

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