What is a Traditional Kitchen Design? 
Traditional home kitchen

What is a traditional kitchen? This is a question you may ask while considering creative kitchen renovation ideas. 

Traditional kitchens are very popular and kitchens all over the world are seen sporting this interesting design style. 

In this guide, we’ll explore this unique kitchen design and discuss some of the best reasons to select this specific look for your home. 

What is a Traditional Kitchen Style?

Traditional home kitchen

It’s not easy to define the traditional kitchen design primarily because the modern traditional kitchen is essentially a blend of old and new, with decor matched with functionality. These kitchens can be unique and designers have their own idea of what a standard traditional kitchen should look like. 

Often this type of kitchen style is referred to as a modern kitchen with classy elements, elegance, and materials that can withstand the test of time.

The easiest way to understand what traditional style kitchens are is to take a peek at some of the most common characteristics that these types of kitchens often have in common. 

Characteristics of Traditional Style Kitchens

To create a perfect traditional-inspired kitchen, interior designers work around the main characteristics that these types of kitchens usually have in common. Here are some of the most noteworthy features that have become quite popular in a traditional-styled kitchen. 

Timeless Appeal

Most kitchen design styles like contemporary, modern, and farm-style kitchens often fall out of trend, but classic kitchens tend to stay popular no matter how much time passes or what styles and fads start to dominate the local markets.

Traditional kitchens stay in trend because, unlike modern and minimal kitchens, the traditional design has plenty of embellishments and decorative elements to keep your visual senses stimulated.

Designers also love to blend design elements from different eras together to produce the traditional design. Since the design elements are not era-specific, they tend to stay popular and appealing for longer. 

Natural Materials

When you scan through traditional kitchen design ideas, you will quickly notice a lot of natural materials. Traditional designers prefer to use natural elements like wood flooring or stone flooring, natural wood cabinets, stone countertops, stone backsplash tiles, and other raw elements all over the kitchen. 

Using these natural materials contributes to the eco-friendliness of the kitchen space and provides a more authentic and luxurious feel.  

Lots of Natural Light

In a modern traditionally designed kitchen, you will notice plenty of natural light beaming through large kitchen windows or a skylight, or the kitchen may even convert to an open-air space with large contractible glass doors.

While incorporating natural light is good for conserving energy, traditional-style kitchens are also fully equipped with modern lighting fixtures like downlights, decorative pendant lights, abstract pendant lights, or even retro-looking light fixtures. 

With this blend of natural and artificial light, you can always have fun cooking no matter what time of the day or night it might be.  

Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are a staple in traditionally designed kitchens. Not only do islands provide plenty of extra work surface, but they also create a more welcoming and inviting atmosphere inside the kitchen since it can be comfortable to sit down next to the island while keeping the cook company.

Some traditionally styled kitchens have a balanced form with a matching island, however, it’s not uncommon to use a mismatched island made from repurposed furniture with a natural wood countertop in modern kitchens. 

A Neutral Color Palette

It’s rare to see pops of color in a traditional-style kitchen, however, some interior designers like to get a little creative with accentuated kitchen accessories. For the most part, though, these kitchen designs tend to have a very neutral color palette. The color scheme also tends to be lighter. You might notice some dark wood cabinets but the walls, accessories, and decor will mostly be light in hue with a neutral color. 

White, beige, woody tones, gray, muted blue, pastel green, earthy tones, and touches of gold and bronze are common in a traditionally styled kitchen.  

Antique Finishes

If you love the traditional kitchen style, then you may also love antiques. Antique or highly decorative finishes like crown molding, lantern-style lights, elegant hardware, and repurposed vintage accessories are all common features seen in traditional-style kitchens. The mixture of old and new provides a good sense of balance so the kitchen stays fashionable for years to come. 

Antique features also provide interest and decorative features tend to give a softer feel, in comparison to more modern kitchens which tend to be more streamlined and sleek. 

Ornate Details 

It’s common to see ornate details in traditional-style kitchens. For example, cabinet doors tend to have recessed and raised doors. These panel doors can also be highly decorative with carved detailing. Other decorative features like decorative range hoods, and architectural elements are also very common in these kitchens. 

The ornamental detailing of these kitchens produces a more comfortable feel and makes these types of spaces appear more unique and luxurious. 

Modern Appliances

While it is common to see classic elements in a traditionally styled kitchen, these elements are not outdated at all. In fact, these kitchens are often fully equipped with modern appliances that can ease cooking. It’s common to see stylish electrical toasters, coffee machines, blenders, air fryers, and food processors in a traditional-inspired kitchen. 

Afterall, these types of cooking tools can make it a lot more fun and much easier to cook and enjoy healthy meals. 

The most noteworthy difference in appliances used in these kitchen designs is that the appliance tends to be from more renowned brands. Brands like SMEG with their retro appeal are especially common in this type of richly decorated kitchen.  

High-End Materials

Since traditional-styled kitchens are intended to last longer than the average modern or contemporary-styled kitchen, you will also notice lots of high-end materials. Granite or quartz countertops are relatively common since they can last a lifetime and offer good functionality. It is also common to see other components like a marble backsplash, polished stone floors, hardwood floors, and cookware of higher quality materials like copper in this type of kitchen.

With these lasting elements, your kitchen won’t just always stay trendy, it will also stay in good shape with minimal maintenance. 

Best Reasons to Choose a Kitchen With a Traditional Design

Traditional kitchen with dinning area

If you prefer a clean-cut look with uniformity and straight lines, the traditional concept may not be right for you. This type of kitchen does, however, have plenty of merit. Here are some of the best reasons to love traditional-styled kitchens and homes. 

Architectural Appeal

It is common to see a variety of architectural elements in a traditional kitchen. Concepts like architectural ceilings, pillars, and creative arched designs give the kitchen a lot more dimension. This type of kitchen looks stylish even when you don’t overload it with decorative accessories. 

A Warm Feel

The neutral hues used in this style of kitchen design tend to be warmer. These warmer shades – combined with raw elements and plenty of texture – give the room a warm and inviting feel.  

Incredible Durability

Average kitchens can start to look worn down after just a decade and most homeowners will start to look into renovations after just 15 years. This is not true with a more traditional-style kitchen – the high-end materials used in these spaces last much longer and stay beautiful throughout the decades. As a result, the kitchen doesn’t need to be renovated for a long time.  

Stylish Through The Decades

One of the best reasons to choose this type of design for your kitchen is because of its timeless effect. Traditional-styled kitchens will be just as appealing in 10 or 20 years as it is right now. Often, you may not even have to change anything to maintain its appeal because the blend of historic and modern touches means that it never truly falls without trends. 

Ideal for Cooking Large Meals

Traditional-styled kitchens tend to be more spacious compared to your average kitchen. The extra room and ample work space make these kitchens ideal for preparing larger meals. This is a perfect environment if you are cooking for a large family or if you love to create memories while baking because there is ample room to move around and plenty of seating for guests who might want to pitch their cooking ideas. 

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

While traditional kitchens tend to be more ornate, they are still relatively easy to keep clean and tidy. High-end surfaces like polished stone floors, stone countertops, and luxury backsplashes are easy to wipe clean and keep shiny. 

These luxurious kitchens are often equipped with accessories like dishwashers, large refrigerators, and large ovens. These appliances can ease cooking, offer lots of storage space, and make it much easier to keep a clean and tidy space. 

Increased Property Value

A luxurious traditional-style kitchen with plenty of natural and high-end materials is bound to increase your property value significantly. If you plan on selling your home one day, then this type of design investment will likely offer good returns on investment.  

Corresponds With Other Interior Design Concepts

Traditional-styled kitchens tend to blend well with other interior design concepts. This is because the neutral appearance of the kitchen blends well with other color effects. The mixture of old and new in the kitchen also eases the transition from the kitchen into other more modern home features like an entertainment area. Your kitchen should also look aesthetically pleasing no matter what architectural design your property might have.

Easy to Upgrade and Maintain

Even the toughest of kitchens will eventually need a bit of TLC. However, with traditional kitchen designs, you have a bit of an advantage. The design elements of these kitchens don’t appear uniform, which means upgrades won’t seem out of place. It likely won’t matter if you cannot find materials that don’t entirely correspond with your current materials. A little bit of a mixed effect is, after all, what gives these kitchens plenty of character. With a little bit of creativity, you could even get away with adding some Danver cabinets to your current kitchen. 

Final Thoughts

So, what is a traditional kitchen? Your ideal vision of a perfect traditional-styled kitchen may be different from that of a friend because each person is unique in their preferences. The fun thing about developing a traditional-style kitchen concept is that you get to be creative – you can draw inspiration from numerous eras and develop a unique space that you will love cooking in.

If you are looking for fun recipes to try out in your new and beautiful tradition-style kitchen then take a look at some of our other top tips and cooking strategies on Cook Room Kitchen. Our site is packed with the latest cooking tips, the best product reviews, and all the advice you need for building a stylish traditional kitchen. 

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