Must Have Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances have made a huge difference in the way we go about cooking in these modern times.

These tools have made it so easy to process foods, we can hardly imagine a world without them.

It can be hard to choose top must-have kitchen appliances for your kitchen. Today there is a huge variety of kitchen appliances to choose from and they come in many shapes, sizes, colors, brands and they can vary quite a lot in functionality.

If you are just beginning to stock your kitchen then you should do a bit of research on these tools before you buy.  Virtually every kitchen in existence is stocked with lots of kitchen appliances that homeowner bought and only used a handful of times – if at all.

The fanciest, most expensive and most flexible kitchen appliance isn’t always the best tool to have because these devices can become so challenging to clean or assemble, that they hardly end up being used.

The best kitchen appliances are the ones that you use frequently or kitchen appliances that actually do make your life a lot easier.

In this guide we are going to share some info on kitchen appliances that you cannot live without in the kitchen as well as a few that are just glorious to own.

What Are Kitchen Appliances?

Before we get down to shopping, let’s first find out exactly what classifies as ‘kitchen appliances’.  These are known as domestic appliances that help in kitchen functions.  Kitchen appliances are usually electrical machines and can be used to perform various tasks depending on the type of appliance you have.

A Quick History on Kitchen Appliances

Many kitchen tools have existed for centuries but the first kitchen appliances emerged around the 20th century. The invention of kitchen appliances is linked with the disappearance of full-time domestic servants in American homes as well as the desire to reduce laborious activities in homes. 

The kitchen appliance industry boomed the moment the first concepts hit the market and these industries are still enjoying tremendous success to this very day. 

Things to Consider When Choosing Must Have Kitchen Appliances

Before you dive in and purchase all the kitchen appliances you can find, take a step back and access what your kitchen needs truly are. Kitchen appliances can be expensive. The last thing you want is to end up with a kitchen tool you never use when you could have had something much better or more suitable for your needs. Here are a few things you should consider before you buy;

  • Your Available Space

Kitchen appliances can take up quite a lot of space in your kitchen cabinets or on the counter.

Many of these appliances are quite large and the more of these tools you own, the less kitchen freedom you could end up enjoying. 

Some kitchen appliances also have lots of loose parts that you need to keep track off.  If you are limited on space, it could be quite a nightmare to locate all those small parts you need before you can start using the device.

  • Appliance Size

Kitchen appliances are much more compact than they used to be, but still, these devices can be quite bulky in your kitchen.  There are quite a few factors you need to consider when it comes to the appliance size such as the following;

  • Family size – Larger families require much more food and as such, appliances tend to be bigger.

For example a large smoothie maker compared to those tiny 18oz smoothie makers.

  • Frequency of use – A large tool often isn’t worth the investment if you only need it once a year
  • Function – In restaurants, appliances are much bigger and offer a much greater capacity than tools designed for domestic use
  • Ease of Function

This is one of the most important factors to consider when you are choosing the right kitchen appliances.  It often happens that appliances can perform a huge variety of tasks but assembling the tool and using it takes much longer than processing foods by hand.  The settings of some complex devices can also make these tools hard to use.  Consider for a moment how often you use all the auto settings on your microwave compared to that quick 1 minute button that is so easy to press.

  • Cleaning

This is probably the second most important factor to consider when you are picking the best tools for your kitchen.  Devices that are hard to clean are avoided like the plague.  Many families would rather grab a simple knife and chopping board to chop foods rather than struggle with a huge sink full of small parts that need to be washed after using electric appliances.  If a device is hard to clean, avoid getting it. 

  • Durability

Kitchen tools can be expensive.  It is much better to invest in a quality piece that will last you up to 10 years than it is to be forced to replace a kitchen tool every year.  Durability is especially important in kitchen appliances that you use frequently such as kitchens and irons.  If a device seems to be made of flimsy materials then it is probably best to save up a bit longer so you can buy something better.

  • Your Kitchen Style

Does the kitchen suit the style of your kitchen?  In some kitchens with closed cabinets this isn’t a huge factor.  But for appliances you leave on the counter for daily use and in open shelve kitchens, the style of a kitchen appliance is very important.

The wrong style or color appliance can stand out like a sore eye in your beautiful kitchen and will create an unorganized and unstructured effect.

  • Appliance Materials

Kitchen appliances are made of various materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, copper, cast iron and plastic.  The materials used in an appliance can affect the durability of the device.  Plastic kitchenware, for example, can break much easier than stainless steel appliances.  On the other hand, plastic can be much lighter and easier to carry than those heavy steel appliances.

  • Frequency of Use

Some kitchen appliances are used much more often than others.  The kettle and microwave are some of the most frequently used appliances.

You can easily end up using these devices several times a day which makes them superb investments.  Other kitchen appliances are not used quite as frequently.

A good example is a waffle maker.  If you love waffles and make them every week then this is a very worthy investment.

If you only make waffles once every two or so years, then it is much better to save that money and enjoy an outing to a café where you can order a luxury waffle.

  • Cost

The cost of appliances also makes a huge difference in the type of tools you buy.  Those that are on a tight budget will choose to focus on critical appliances like a kettle that you just cannot live without where wealthy families may choose to have one of every kind of kitchen appliance in existence.  If you are shopping on a tight budget then it is always best to get those items you need the most first and save up for the rest later.

Families that live on a tight budget may also choose to avoid high energy consuming kitchen appliances such as dishwashers and focus on other more affordable methods.

Different Types of Kitchen Appliances

There are so many different types of kitchen appliances available on the market today.  Some of these kitchen appliances are essential for everyday tasks while others are only used on rare occasions.  Here is a quick look at the many different types of kitchen appliances available for domestic kitchens;

  • Refrigerator And Freezer

This is one of the most important appliances in homes.  Everyone needs a refrigerator and freezer to preserve foods.  Refrigerators and freezers can vary quite a lot in design and function.  They come in a variety of sizes and brands and you can also choose to invest in combo units that have separated freezer and refrigerator compartments.

  • Stove

Most homes today are sold along with the stove because many kitchen cabinets are positioned to make space for a specific stove size.  It is also one appliance you just cannot live without since food is prepared on a stove daily.  There are quite a few different types of stoves available on the market.  Stoves like electric stove, gas stoves, induction stoves and combination stoves are must haves in every home and you can also find small portable units that are ideal for camping trips.

  • Dishwasher

Dishwashers are becoming some of the most important parts of the kitchen.  In more families, both parents have to work to provide for the family which leaves very little time for kitchen chores.  Dishwashers make it so easy to cleanup and they are very easy to use.

  • Microwave Oven

This is probably the only tool that can replace the function of a stove.  Microwave ovens are very handy for cooking and defrosting foods.

In modern families this is also a very handy spot to store cooked foods away from those annoying flies if it is not dinner time quite yet.

  • Electric Kettle

The kettle is one of the most frequently used kitchen appliances.  The only function this device has is to boil water.  But boiling water can be used for a huge variety of tasks, foods and beverages.  You can choose to invest in an iron kettle that works on a gas stove but electric kettles are still much more convenient because they are so fast.

  • Toaster

This is another popular kitchen appliance that is found in just about every home.  Toast is delicious and enables you to do so much more with a simple slice of bread.  These devices are also very fast if you need a quick healthy meal.  Toasters are available in a wide range of sizes and brands including countertop ovens.

  • Blender

Blenders are also becoming more popular in kitchens. The main function of the blender is to grind or combine foods.  Blenders can greatly vary in function.  You can choose baseline models that are required for making smoothies and fruit juices.

Or you can get more advanced units like those with heating elements that can use for cooking porridge or with motors that are strong enough to grind meats.

  • Instant Pot

An instant pot is one of those tools you can live without but just don’t want to.  These handy crockpots can reduce your food preparation times dramatically.  Instant pots apply heat and steam pressure to prepare foods.  The result is foods that are much softer and ready for consumption in less time.  With the right recipe you can use these pots to prepare an entire meal in as little as 15 minutes or you can use your pot to quickly make all of those time consuming foods like stews and broths.

  • Food Processor

Food processors are handy tools for families who process a lot of fruits and veggies.  These machines will slice and dice anything you toss down the suit.  Food processors are perfect for making salads and for chopping veggies.  There are also many food processor combo units that include blender and food processors or other tools.  These combo tools allow you to make a much wider range of foods but they do require lots of loose parts to function.

  • Stand Mixer

Standing mixers are handy tools for bakers and many homeowners do love them.  These devices make it very easy to mix dough for baking and they can come with various applications such as a whisk for beating eggs and more. 

  • Hand Mixer

Many find the hand mixer a better tool than the standing mixer. These devices don’t take up as much space and they can be used in just about any round bowl.  They can be just as effective for baking as any stand mixer.

  • Electric Frying Pans

These frying pans are ideal for making delicious foods in no time at all.  Electric frying pans can be used to make a huge variety of fried foods and they come in various shapes and sizes.  They can be nonstick or stainless steel of nature and can include various frying compartments. 

  • Electric Skillet

The electric skillet looks a lot like some electric grills.  It has a deeper skillet and comes with a lid. These skillets are hot ovens that can be used to make a variety of foods such as stews, soups and more.

  • Electric Grill

These grills also vary quite a lot in size and function.  The main use of a grill is to press food between two hot plates so you can grill it from both sides without having to turn foods around.  Electric grills can be used to make a variety of foods such as grilled meats and grilled cheese sandwiches.  They can also vary in design.  Some electric grills, for example, can be used by adding water to the base underneath he element to steam grill the food.

  • Steam Cooker

Many believe that steam cooked foods are much healthier.  Steam cookers use water and heat to produce steam which is used to cook foods.  These machines can be used to cook a variety of food types including rice, veggies and meats.  They are handy for healthy living but it can be quite a hassle to wash all of those loose parts.

  • Nostalgia Appliances

Nostalgia appliances are those kitchen tools that put a smile on your face but are not used quite as often.  These tools usually have a very interesting or unique look.  Here is a quick look at a few nostalgia appliances;

  • Soft serve ice cream machine – These machines make a small amount of ice cream and can be used to serve soft serve ice creams complete with sprinkles.
  • Breakfast station – This appliance is a multifunctional tool that combines a kettle, hot plate, oven and grill all in one compact device.
  • Popcorn machine – These machines are functional for making popcorn but they are mostly sought after for their unique popcorn station design
  • Deep Fryer

If you love deep fried foods then this might be a worthy investment.  These machines heat up cooking oil so you can deep fry just about any type of food including chips and onion rings.

  • Slow Cooker

Slow cookers can be filled with ingredients early in the morning and will then proceed to cook your food at a low temperature throughout the day.  When you get home from work, the food will be ready for consumption.

Many love their slow cookers but others feel that leaving an appliance on all day while they are at work can be a great risk. 

  • Coffee Machines

Coffee machines can also vary greatly in design and function. These tools are quite expensive but can be used to make many beverages such as frothed cream, tea, coffee, ice tea, capuchino and much more. 

  • Single Function Appliances

Single function appliances serve one specific task and are usually not used on a day to day basis or very often at all.  Here is a quick look at a few single-function appliances;

  • Egg cooker – An electric machine that allows you to cook egg in different ways including hard boiled, scrambled and poached.
  • Ice cream maker – Used to make ice cream specifically
  • Bread maker – You can use it to bake any type of bread as well as cake
  • Popcorn maker – An electric device designed for simply making popcorn
  • Mini-donut maker – Add dough and the machine will heat up and grill these tiny donuts
  • Can opener – These machines are simply used to open any size can
  • Waffle maker – It works like a grill but has a grid base for waffle making
  • Stick blender – Used to blend foods to make soups, dips and baby food

What Are The Kitchen Appliance Essentials?

There are, of course, many other types of electric appliances available on the market.  It is just about impossible to own them all and even these mentioned above might be a bit over the top for the average kitchen.

Here is a quick look at kitchen appliances that should be a main priority in your kitchen;

  • Fridge and refrigerator

You just cannot survive without a fridge or refrigerator.  These tools are invaluable for keeping foods preserved.

  • Kettle

The common electric kettle is one of the most-frequently-used tools in any kitchen and as such is an absolute must have.

  • Microwave oven

This is another appliance that every kitchen absolutely need. In fact, like the stove, many homes are sold with the microwave as part of the kitchen.

  • Toaster

A toaster is a single-function tool but it is so handy because toast is such a flexible food source.  It is a must have for all households.

  • Instant pot

Instant pots are wonderful units.  They can reduce your cooking time tremendously and allow you to make delicious meals on a tight budget.  This is a must have for any new family.

  • Blender

Blenders are very handy tools in any health-concerned family.  They are handy for making a huge variety of beverages including many health beverages such as smoothies and sorbets.  Some blenders can also be used to mince meats or to cook porridge which makes them elite picks for your kitchen.

  • Coffee machine

This is a handy investment for all coffee lovers.  It is one of the most treasured appliance gifts to offer anyone in your family.

  • Hand held mixer

Everyone can benefit from owning a handheld mixer in the kitchen.  This handy and compact tool replaces your need for a standing mixer and is ideal for making a huge variety of desserts, puddings and other baked goods.  The tool is more flexible than a standing mixer but you can, of course, choose to buy a standing mixer instead if you have your heart set on owning one of these devices.

With these appliances and a few handy kitchen tools like a good quality cutting board and knife set, there is practically no foods you cannot prepare in your kitchen.  These kitchen essentials are all frequently used and definitely deserve the space they will take up in your cupboards.

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