How to Thaw Frozen Peas for Salad: Things You Should Know
how to thaw frozen peas for salad

Do you want to know how to thaw frozen peas for salad? Well, the best way to thaw frozen peas is usually to run them under some cold water. The peas will start to defrost, and you won’t have to cook them any longer. 

Freezing peas is an excellent way of preserving them for long-term storage. Thawing frozen peas is necessary before using them in several recipes. By thawing frozen peas with cold water, they’ll be ready for use in no time.

What’s so Special About a Pea Salad?

One of the most notable aspects of a pea salad is its customary mayo-based dressing. It is the mayo-based dressing that renders that heavenly taste. Making pea salad is easy, and you’ll have plenty of flexibility. You can add chopped onions, cheddar and peas. You can even experiment with various types of spices and herbs to customize the dressing.                

How To Thaw Frozen Peas for Salad?

pea salad

Remove frozen peas from their respective package. You should place the frozen peas in a strainer and run cold water over them until thawed. Don’t forget to drain water from the thawed peas. 

You can also set the package in a resealable plastic bag or airtight container and submerge it in cold water. Many people place frozen peas in a resealable plastic bag and immerse them in cold water to thaw.

What Goes Well With Peas?

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Peas are versatile and complement a wide variety of salads. But they go specifically well with spices and herbs. So, if you want to entertain your guests with lighter summer salads, don’t look beyond peas. Peas are a wholesome addition to salads and contain many essential nutrients.

The Best Method to Thaw Peas Quickly

The usage of cold water is one of the most common and well-known tactics for defrosting peas. Some people attempt to defrost frozen peas using warm water, but using hot water to thaw frozen peas is not ideal. Hot water increases the chance of developing bacteria in the peas. Cold water has the best chance of keeping the food safe and will defrost them in 30 minutes or less.

What Can You Do With a Huge Quantity of Frozen Peas?

Apart from preparing pea salads, you can do the following with frozen peas.

  • Mint and peas presto
  • Lettuce and buttered peas
  • Parsley and peas salad
  • Mashed potatoes with peas
  • Pea soup with essential herbs

How Can You Defrost Peas in Your Fridge?

Woman Putting Containers with Vegetables in Refrigerator

You can thaw frozen peas in the refrigerator itself. If you’re averse to running cold water over frozen peas, thawing them in the fridge is a good idea. The process of thawing frozen peas in the refrigerator will take time, though.

If you want to prepare salads the next day, defrosting them in the fridge would be ideal. First, you should take out the frozen peas from your freezer and place them in sealed containers. Then, put the containers in your fridge and let them thaw overnight.

In the morning, you’ll find them defrosted. You should only thaw peas in the fridge if you have sufficient time. Refrain from leaving the frozen peas on the counter to thaw. Microbes on the counter might become active and multiply. This will increase the risk of illnesses.

The Total Time Needed to Thaw Frozen Peas

The total time of thawing frozen peas depends on the duration for which they were in the freezer. It will consume some time to thaw if it has been in the freezer for longer durations. You can rely on various methods of defrosting frozen peas.

Each method consumes a varied amount of time. For instance, if you want to thaw peas at room temperature, the process will consume three to four hours.

The refrigerator will also come in handy to help you defrost the frozen peas. If you thaw peas in the refrigerator, it will take around six hours. Other, faster thawing methods can defrost frozen peas in an hour.

Thawing Peas In a Microwave

pea in microwave

You want to know how to thaw frozen peas for salad in the microwave? Another great way to defrost frozen peas is to use your microwave oven. If you’re in a real hurry for thawed frozen peas, using the microwave oven might be helpful.

Keep in mind, though, the microwave oven can heat peas unevenly and damage their overall taste and nutrient content. If you’re willing to take at risk, place the frozen peas in a microwave-safe bowl and put them in the microwave. Switch on the defrost setting and microwave for two to three minutes.

Be sure to use the defrost settings properly to thaw the frozen peas. The final taste of the salad will depend significantly on the methods you followed for thawing frozen peas.

Can You Defrost Frozen Peas In Normal Water?

Thawing peas in normal water is one of the most straightforward procedures for preparing salads, but it will take time. In most cases, the frozen peas will defrost within 30 minutes. Refrain from pouring hot water over the frozen peas, as this can result in the formation of microbes.

Are Peas Heavier When Frozen?

Frozen peas are usually heavier than raw ones. Water expands in the peas as they freeze. If you’re portioning out peas by weight, bear this in mind.

Nutritional Value of Pea Salads

Peas are high in nutrients, fiber and antioxidants. They have traits that may help bolster your immunity. It is advisable to consume peas in the right quantities to avoid digestive problems.

Using Thawed Peas in a Salad — What Should You Know?


After defrosting the frozen peas, you may be wondering about the types of culinary delights to prepare with them. A pea salad is one of the easiest dishes you can make with defrosted peas. It is a simple yet versatile dish that can be a treat to your taste buds.

A pea salad also makes for a great side dish. The mayo-based dressing is what makes the pea salad tasty, but you can add chopped onions, cheddar, bacon, and peas to top off the salad. You can also experiment with other types of herbs to make the salad heavenly to taste.

Steps To Make Pea Salad

Here are some steps you should follow while making pea salad.

Cook The Bacon

Bacon is a popular component in pea salads. If you’ll be using some, start here and sauté the bacon over medium heat for about five to seven minutes. Set the bacon aside to cool.


In a small container, whisk mayonnaise and sour cream. You can add salt to taste. Store it in the refrigerator until ready to use.

Mix Defrosted Peas and Onion

In a large bowl, add the defrosted peas along with chopped onions. Add the prepared mayo to the bowl and mix properly. You can then stir in grated cheese and sautéed bacon.

Add Seasonings

The success and failure of the pea salad depends on the type of seasoning you add. You can experiment with various kinds of herbs and mixing in different amounts. Any addition of seasonings will enhance the taste of the pea salad.

Refrigerate Before Serving

Refrigerate the pea salad before serving. The dish is best served cold and crisp. 

Tips To Consider While Using Peas

Here are some tips to consider while using thawed peas.

  • Try to use frozen green peas rather than canned. Frozen green peas are crunchy compared to the canned ones. You can quickly thaw frozen green peas in a short amount of time.
  • Consider adding cheese cubes instead of shredded cheese. Cheese cubes will make the salad tastier.
  • You can store the leftover pea salad for a maximum of three days. Be sure not to place the salad in the freezer compartment.
  • Choose the thawing method that best suits your preferences. If you don’t have much time, plan on thawing them with running cold water.

Is it Necessary to Thaw Frozen Peas?

Peas should a staple for your refrigerator’s freezer. They are nutritious and versatile. You can prepare a wide variety of dishes with peas. But you have to take the proper steps we’ve established in how to thaw frozen peas for salad.

A salad made with peas tastes good when thawed properly. There are other types of dishes, though, where you can simply let the peas defrost while you cook the meal. 

Why Do People Prefer Frozen Peas?

The primary advantage of frozen peas is their taste and texture. By freezing green peas, you can preserve their texture and flavor. Frozen peas also offer you the flexibility to prepare many types of culinary delights.

Are Frozen Peas Pre-Cooked?

Manufacturers usually flash-steam the peas before freezing them. This procedure makes them ready to eat, but you should warm them so that they maintain their crunchiness.


Defrosting the frozen peas will help you cook them quickly. Defrosted peas are a healthy addition to any meal. Thawing frozen peas properly will augment any salad’s flavor. By knowing how to thaw frozen peas for salad, you can prepare pea salad with the right ingredients.

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