How to Organize Pantry Cabinet Items: Easy Ways with Tips
how to organize pantry cabinet

Organizing a pantry cabinet is not easy, but keeping it neat is even harder. If you have a big family, the problem is twice as bad because you probably stock food items often, and your family may not be as cooperative in maintaining a tidy space. However, you still have to know how to organize pantry cabinet items because it helps make cooking fast and convenient.

If you are currently dealing with this kind of challenge, this article outlines simple pantry organization tips and ways to help you keep your pantry tidy.

Categorize Your Pantry

The simplest pantry organization idea is to categorize your storage space. Mixing up everything will make your kitchen pantry shelves appear confused and waste your time while cooking or trying to access snacks.

You can put all similar products together. For instance, you can put spices in one place and snacks in another. You will not only access your supplies easily, but also you will avoid confusion. 

Use Storage Containers

The original containers your supplies and grocery shopping come in may be hard to organize and honestly unattractive. Buy containers and transfer supplies like salt, sugar, rice, and whatnot inside them for easy storage since containers can be stacked easily.

Furthermore, some supplies may leak due to soft packaging material, dirtying your shelves. Leakages also waste a large portion of food.

Use Straw Bins and Baskets

Straw bins and baskets are often used in other spaces like the office or bathroom, and now you can incorporate them into your kitchen for a well-organized pantry. You can use them to store categorized foods. You can try grouping all snacks in one basket and then putting them away on the kitchen counter.

Apart from foodstuff, you can use straw bins and baskets to store kitchen towels, paper towels, and tablecloths.

Use Drawers

Drawers are easier to use and manage than shelves. When you have organized your new supplies on a shelf, retrieving them may be hard, and you could knock over containers or lose tiny sachets. Drawers protect your items while still keeping them easily accessible. 

Moreover, you can pack up your drawer with a pantry full of food and not risk losing anything because they are cohesive. Drawers can also be convenient and easier to access for children.

Use Recycled Crates

Your pre-used crates are a perfect way to revamp your kitchen shelves. They work similarly to straw bins and baskets, and you can use them separate categorized items, food or non-food. They can also hold irregular packages that are hard to organize on a shelf or those that look ugly on shelves.

You can store the items you barely use and then keep them on the lower shelves.

Use Drawer Dividers

Organized Cutlery in Drawer

Since you must pull your drawers every time you need to take out stuff, it is a good idea to partition them to avoid spilling over pantry items. Drawer organizers help keep everything in place and are available for purchase online.

They are perfect for alcoholic drink bottles as they keep them in place and prevent toppling.

Invest in Pre-Labeled Containers

Use traditional pre-labeled food storage containers for food storage to make it easier to find specific items. Manual labeling may be tiresome and not as neat as the traditional jars clearly labeled with a respective food item and a corresponding picture.

They are beautiful, and you won’t be worried about losing the labels.

Utilize an Unused Corner

If you don’t have a customized pantry, you can make do with an empty corner in your kitchen. All you need is your supplies, a rack with shelves, or a movable kitchen cabinet.

Set up your make-do pantry and organize it as you please. You can throw in straw bins and baskets for a more sophisticated look. Be sure also to utilize the countertops. You can accessorize your pantry with a kitchen floor rug.

Use Cabinet Doors

If your pantry has doors, you can use them as part of storage. While securing your lids, you can store pan covers on doors to utilize the space. The lids will also stabilize the pantry doors.

You could also hang organizers on the door to free up shelf space for more food items. You can then transfer spices and other canned foodstuffs to the organizers.

Utilize Extra Wall Space

If you have empty wall space, don’t let it go to waste. You can stick hooks across the wall and use the space to hang larger items and other kitchen essentials like aprons, kitchen towels, light pans, and reusable grocery bags. If you initially folded aprons and towels and stored them in a drawer, you can finally use the drawer for other food supplies.

Customize a Pull-out Pantry

Do you need more space for your supplies but have no idea where to stuff them? You can DIY a custom pull-out pantry for the extra stuff. Get creative with decorations for additional fun. Be sure to add wheels for easy mobility.

Head over to Pinterest for more inspiration and DIY tutorials to help you settle on your dream pantry design.

Organize by Color

Colors are very catchy and easy to remember and would transform your pantry effortlessly. You can organize your foodstuff, especially if you are using clear containers. You can pick a color for each category of items, such as green for spices.

The colored pantry is suitable for a household with kids. You won’t have to tell them to look for a label for their snacks but rather a specific color like pink.

Organize by Name

Organizing pantries by name work perfectly for big families, especially for storing snacks. You can label your child’s shelf with their name and put all their snacks on it. The system also works for individuals with specific food; you will not risk mixing up everyone’s dinner.

Tips on How to Organize Pantry Cabinet Items

Remodeled Contemporary Classic Kitchen design with Pantry Storage

Colors are fascinating, and you may be tempted to use containers in your favorite shades, but it is advisable to use transparent containers at all times. 

The transparency will help you keep an eye on the supplies and tell apart food items. You may have to go through more than one dark container to find the exact spice you want. What’s more, clear containers are easy to accessorize and keep things minimalist.

After implementing your favorite color selection, label your supplies to avoid wasting time while cooking on a daily basis.

Always buy stackable containers to ensure that you utilize every little space available. Choose square or rectangular containers with flat leads for easy stacking.

If you live with family, consider everyone’s needs when it comes to container functionality. Some containers may be easy to open for you, but your child will struggle and risk spilling food items and trying to get them out.

Always take inventory to avoid buying what you don’t need at the expense of what you need when you go grocery and supplies shopping.

Label shelves in larger pantries to help find what you are looking for easily.

Use curtains to shield lower shelves that store dull things like cleaning kits. Be stylish with the curtain to ensure it matches your pantry style.


Organizing your pantry cabinet doesn’t have to be tedious. You can play around with lots of kitchen organization ideas. We hope you can take away a few tips and tricks from our “how to organize pantry cabinet” piece. Happy organizing!

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