How to Make Protein Pudding – Healthy and Tasty Recipes
how to make protein pudding

Not all things that are smooth, rich, creamy, and delicious are unhealthy! There’s a recipe that’s incredibly tasty and nutritious, and will add protein to your diet – a protein pudding! 

Although it’s widely known that ingredients in store-bought pudding are usually of questionable quality, some recipes use real food ingredients – no artificial ingredients or preservatives

So, want to learn how to make protein pudding? Continue reading to learn all there is to know about creating a powerful pudding that will please your sweet tooth and serve as a great pre- or post-workout snack! 

As an added bonus, we’ll show you how to satisfy your sweet need with three different flavors! 

How Healthy Is Protein Pudding?

Aside from making a healthy smoothie, this protein pudding recipe is one of the healthiest options for a tasty, nutritious dessert!

Compared to traditional pudding, this recipe has less sugar and more protein, and neither refined sugar nor artificial preservatives are used in its preparation. It combines both Greek yogurt base and protein powder, making it a real protein boost.

You’ll enjoy this recipe, not only for how healthy it is, but also for the following reasons:

  • You can prepare all three types of pudding in the same dish.
  • Unlike regular pudding, which needs time to “set up,” this pudding doesn’t.
  • The additional protein helps to prevent the blood sugar surge that’s frequently experienced after consuming sweets like pudding.

How to Make Protein Pudding – Base Ingredients 

how to make protein pudding

No matter which flavor you choose to make, all three types contain the same base ingredients: 

  • Plain Greek Yogurt – 1 cup of full-fat Greek yogurt is what we suggest. In addition to being lower in sugar, full-fat Greek yogurt lacks the acidic, sour flavor of low- or no-fat types. Moreover, it has a rich creamy texture and a rich mouthfeel that make it ideal for making pudding. It would also be lovely to use vanilla Greek yogurt, but due to the additional vanilla extract, your pudding will have a bit more sugar in it.
  • Milk – To blend up this creamy combination, you’ll need milk. Pour milk until the desired consistency is achieved. Cow’s milk will probably provide you with the most protein, but any milk will work well: you may also try it with unsweetened almond milk!
  • Vanilla – This will act as an enhancer, giving the pudding a light sweetness. 
  • Maple Syrup – Maple syrup acts as a natural sweetener. We suggest adding 1 – 2 teaspoons. You can also use Stevia or another sugar-free option. 

Additional Ingredients for Chocolate Flavor 

To make a chocolate protein pudding, combine the following ingredients with the base:

  • Chocolate Protein Powder – This powder will provide the desired chocolate flavor to your pudding. However, always aim for a plant-based powder with a short and clean ingredient list. We advise 30 grams of protein per serving.
  • Chocolate Chips – Add chocolate chips for a chocolatey taste!

Additional Ingredients for Vanilla Flavor 

The following ingredients should be combined with the base to create a vanilla protein pudding:

  • Vanilla Protein Powder – Your pudding will have the desired vanilla flavor and a wonderful protein boost thanks to the vanilla protein powder. We advise 30g of vanilla protein powder per serving.
  • Fresh Berries – This pudding is absolutely edible without the berries, but when it’s garnished with them, it becomes an even more tasty and nutritious dessert.

Additional Ingredients for Peanut Butter Pudding 

To make a peanut butter protein pudding, combine the base with the following ingredients:

  • Peanut Butter Powder – Compared to traditional peanut butter, this powder is a far healthier, lower-fat, and lower-calorie option to add peanut butter flavor to your pudding. In addition to that, it’s loaded with proteins. If you don’t have peanut butter powder, however, you can use the standard peanut butter.
  • Peanut Butter – It’s a good option to drizzle some peanut butter over the pudding. However, keep in mind to search for natural peanut butter devoid of any additives – the list of ingredients should just include salt and peanuts!
  • Banana – Peanut butter and banana go along quite well – especially in desserts like this!

How to Prepare This Potent Protein Dessert 

how to make protein pudding

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s quite easy to make this protein pudding, and you only need one bowl for all three varieties.

Simply combine the base ingredients with the protein powder of your choice and mix until smooth. Keep in mind that you can also use vegan protein powder.  After that, garnish with chocolate chips, berries, bananas, or peanut butter to add on taste. That easy! Bon Appétit! 

How to Serve 

First of all, this protein dessert doesn’t require any other ingredients – it’s already very delicious! However, if you want to add something more, you might try the following:

  • Granola – Although this pudding is creamy and smooth, you can top it with some granola for additional texture and taste.
  • Coconut Flakes – Add coconut flakes if you like some crunch.
  • Cocoa Powder – You might sprinkle some of your favorite cocoa powder on top for flavor.
  • Raw Cashews – To boost the protein and nutty flavor, add some raw cashews or cashew butter.

Final Thoughts 

Thank you for sticking with us all the way through! We hope that we have disproved your assumption that there isn’t a recipe that’s delicious, creamy, sweet, potent, and extremely healthy!

If you’re looking for new approaches to increase your intake of protein while satisfying your sweet desire, we provided the solution – how to make protein pudding! It’s creamy, tasty, and comes in three distinct flavor versions for you!

Regardless of the flavor, you can be sure that it’ll only require a single bowl, the proper ingredients, and a dash of love to prepare! Good luck making your new favorite dessert, and enjoy! Visit for more tutorials, recipes, and helpful hints for the kitchen.

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