How to Make Buttermilk from Curd Like a Pro
how to make buttermilk from curd

Buttermilk is arguably one of the most popular baking ingredients in the country today. This alone is reason enough for you to have your own buttermilk recipe in the bag. But how do you make buttermilk from scratch? 

There are tons of basic recipes you can use to whip up a batch of buttermilk from homemade curd, also referred to as Masala Chaas.

With this in mind, we’ll be going over the best way to prepare buttermilk and achieve maximum digestion and taste transformation. We’ll also look at some important buttermilk benefits here, as well.

Let’s jump in!

Buttermilk Vs. Curd – Is There Any Difference?

homemade buttermilk and glass of curd

Sure, you’re probably eager to learn how to make buttermilk from curd. But wait a minute. You already have some curd in the refrigerator, right?

Why not just make do with that? Is there anything that really distinguishes these two ingredients?

Well, the answer to this is a little tricky.

You see, it’s a fact that, in many ways, buttermilk and curd are almost the same thing.

However, there are a few distinguishing factors that separate buttermilk from homemade curd. 

These elements are also what make the consumption of buttermilk, in comparison to curd, more beneficial to your health.

What Makes Buttermilk Better Than Curd

The biggest difference between these two items is that buttermilk doesn’t have the high-fat content that curd boasts. The immediate implication of this is that chilled buttermilk is far better for consumption by weight watchers than curd.

Other groups of people who can benefit from no-fat buttermilk include heart patients, as well as diabetics.

But it doesn’t end there.

The consumption of curd also offers a lower level of vitamins and minerals, compared to what you get with plain buttermilk. This is because one cup of buttermilk is exceedingly rich in proteins, vitamins, and potassium.

All this means that homemade buttermilk isn’t only healthier to consume, but it also digests more efficiently compared to curd.

Finally, the lactic acid in buttermilk is milder, yet contains sufficient calcium. This means lactose-intolerant people will have a better time consuming this particular item.

How to Make Buttermilk from Curd – The Complete Walkthrough

homemade buttermilk ranch dressing

Learning how to make buttermilk from curd is easy. We’ll be covering all you need to know in four simple steps. 

Step One – Ready Your Blender

To make buttermilk from slimy curd, you would need a large blender. It only has to be big enough to manage the batch of buttermilk you want to make in a single go. Be sure you’ve washed and cleaned the blender thoroughly.

Step Two – Add Your Ingredients to the Blender

So, this is where your buttermilk-making process begins in earnest. To prepare traditional buttermilk, add the following ingredients to your blender:

  • Cold curd (Greek yogurt or regular yogurt culture) – 1½ cups
  • Roasted cumin powder – 1 teaspoon
  • Chopped mint leaves (or fresh coriander leaves) – 1 tablespoon
  • Black salt (or regular salt) – ½ teaspoon

Now, you can leave things here and proceed to the next step. Or, you could make your buttermilk a little spicier. If you’re settling for the latter option, add the following ingredients to the mix:

  • Grated ginger (fresh) – ½ teaspoon
  • Chopped green chilies – ½ teaspoon

Step Three – Add Some Water to the Mix

Now, you need to add a cup of water to the curd in the blender. You could use room-temperature water, but for those who enjoy a cold glass of buttermilk, use cold water, and throw in a few ice cubes for good measure!

Step Four – Blend

All that’s left is for you to blend the mixture. So, turn on your blender and let it run for about 2 – 3 minutes. This should give the ingredients a thorough whisking.

You’ll know your buttermilk is finally ready when a nice frothy layer forms at the top of the liquid.

With that, you’re ready to sample the freshest taste perception – unique to a cup of newly made buttermilk!

Serving Your Buttermilk

serving buttermilk in glass

As you likely know, your buttermilk is ready for consumption from the moment it’s made. 

That said, there are a few interesting serving suggestions you can employ to help you better savor this drink.

For one, you could pour your nutrient-rich buttermilk into a tall glass and spice it up with coriander leaves or mint leaves.

Alternatively, you could opt to let the drink chill in the refrigerator for a couple of hours and get back to it later. But if you’ll be doing this, ensure you don’t leave it for longer than a day, as buttermilk starts to lose its freshness after this time.

Top Health Benefits of Buttermilk

Now, you know how to make buttermilk from curd.

While simple, the process can be somewhat stressful. That said, knowing some buttermilk benefits might help make you more eager to prepare this drink.

Some major benefits of buttermilk from cup curd are:

May Regulate Blood Pressure Levels

There’s scientific evidence to suggest that buttermilk can help manage blood pressure levels. This report claims that an enzyme and acid in buttermilk help regulate fluid volume in the human body.

However, more research still has to be conducted to fully understand this phenomenon.

Can Help Combat High Cholesterol Levels

There’s also evidence to suggest that the consumption of buttermilk can regulate elevated levels of LDL cholesterol in the body significantly. Sphingolipid, an acid in buttermilk, normalizes the absorption of cholesterol in the stomach (the gut).

Can Enhance Oral Health and Increase Calcium

This drink can also prove very useful in the treatment of periodontitis, or infection and inflammation of the gums. Dairy products that have undergone the fermentation process have proven effective in treating this oral health problem.

In addition, buttermilk also supplies the body with ample amounts of calcium. This gives the body further resources to combat this health problem and get on the road to recovery.

Beyond this, buttermilk also plays a prominent role in Ayurvedic treatment, and is said to be effective against everything from IBS to ascites and rheumatoid arthritis.


After learning how to make buttermilk from curd as well as the numerous benefits of consuming this drink, the only thing left to do is start whipping up your own batch! However, be sure you’re not allergic to any components of this drink first!

Looking for more healthy drinks to make? See how to make a healthy smoothie here!

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