How to Cut Picanha: The Updated Guide 2023
how to cut picanha

Steak is among the most widely accepted ways to enjoy meat. But did you know that the way you cut the meat can have a big impact on how it tastes? That goes even for the Picanha cut. So, let’s find out how to cut Picanha steaks. 

Once you’ve prepared your Picanha steak, you’ll surely want to get the most out of it. The way you cut the steak greatly determines the texture of the meat, how it tastes, and how it feels in your mouth.

Remember that a steak isn’t a steak without the right cutting technique. With that in mind, let’s begin this immaculate guide on how to cut Picanha steak.

How to Cut Picanha Steak the Right Way

Raw picanha steak

You may be interested in learning the right technique for how to cut Picanha steak.

Start by placing the cooked steak on a firm surface. Make sure you’ve rested the meat well enough before you start slicing it up. There’s a lot of texture difference and the quality of the finished steak between one that’s been rested properly and the other which is not. 

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Next, make sure you’re laying the whole Picanha steak upside down with the fat at the bottom so that cutting and slicing are easier and faster. 

When it comes to a cooked Picanha steak, cut against the grain. By grain, we refer to meat fibers. You’ll be able to see them without any issues and should cut along the direction of the meat fibers. Doing so will lift the flavor profile and max out the tenderness of the meat. 

And that’s how to cut Picanha perfectly.

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Picanha Steak: What is it?

You’ve probably heard of the rib-eye steak – the king of the meat kingdom. Yes, the juicy cut of beef leaves you craving more. 

Now, allow us to introduce you to the queen of the meat kingdom – the Picanha steak. An equally juicy, firm texture, tender cut of beef. 

Also called Churrasco in traditional Brazilian steakhouses, Picanha steak is consumed frequently in South American regions such as Brazil. But, when compared with the rib-eye cut, it’s much cheaper but doesn’t lack in terms of quality, flavor, and taste. 

Therefore, if you’re on a tight budget but have guests to entertain and impress, the Picanha cut is the way to go. 

Look for the upper side of the rump if you’re going out to get the Picanha cut. It’s also known as the culotte steak, sirloin cap, rump cap, or even rump cover. 

The cut has a blanket known as the fat cap which offers a thick fat layer. Remember that the Picanha cut is triangular –  that will help you recognize it and differentiate it from the other cuts of beef. When cooked, this cut offers the incredible flavor of its juicy and tender meat owing to its thick fat layer.

Check for excess liquid, fat content, and cut size when purchasing Picanha. Go for smaller cuts for the most tender and flavorful meat. Sizes of about 1-1.5kg are ideal. The cut will contain other beef parts if you buy anything larger than this recommended size. 

Keep in mind that there’s no such thing as a big Picanha cut – small is good.

Check out this YouTube video by Mashed to learn more about the Picanha cut.

Cooking Picanha The Brazilian Way

Grilled picanha traditional brazilian cut

Once you’ve learned how to cut Picanha, you should know how to cook it.

Slicing, skewering, and grilling over the BBQ are the most traditional Brazilian methods to perfectly prepare Picanha.

You need to cut the Picanha fat side down. Then, slice it again into three to four pieces (make sure not to cut too thin and maintain the thickness). 

Carefully fold the cuts until they look like a crescent moon. Before placing them on the grill, skewer them into place. 

If you’re acquainted with food techniques, you’ll find this process very similar to the Japanese yakitori style. But contrary to a yakitori, Picanha is prepped on a much larger scale.

Add Picanha seasonings like coarse salt and ground black pepper before or after the skewering process. This step is based on your preference, whichever is easier for you.

Here’s another interesting fact about the traditional Brazilian way of cooking Picanha. The traditional way involves using charcoal cookers to BBQ the meat. This style of cooking is called Churrasqueira. 

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The entire BBQing process will take you less than 20 minutes. Make sure to evenly cook the meat by flipping and turning it 2-3 times. Cook each side, even the fat side, evenly. Finally, slice individual steaks against the grain after a good amount of rest.

That’s it! You’ve successfully prepped your first-ever Churrasco. 

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That was our guide on how to cut Picanha. Pretty easy right? Now that you’ve learned the perfect method not only to cut but also to cook Picanha, impressing your guests will be a piece of cake. Don’t forget to share these hacks with your friends and family as well. 


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