Frigidaire Countertop Ice Maker: Troubleshooting Guide
frigidaire countertop ice maker troubleshooting

Summers are best lived with a cold beverage in hand, and if you have a Frigidaire countertop ice maker, there’s not much need to fill up an ice tray. However, though the machine is easy to work, it may act up after a long winter. Not to worry, in this guide, we go over Frigidaire countertop ice maker troubleshooting to help you out.

All the Reasons Why Your Frigidaire Countertop Ice Maker Won’t Make Ice

A Frigidaire countertop ice maker isn’t a complicated machine, but like all electrical appliances, it does run the risk of malfunctioning. Here are a couple of issues to look into in case your ice maker is acting up:

Blocked Power Supply

The main power supplier of the Frigidaire ice maker is its electrical cord. If it’s fraying or worn out, it’s not supplying the correct amount of current to the Frigidaire ice maker. Sometimes, the continuous vibration of the machine can also shake it loose, breaking the power supply.

Malfunctioning Power Outlet

If it’s not the electrical cord that’s giving trouble, the specific power outlet may be. For electrical appliances like the Frigidaire ice maker, the circuit breaker needs greater amperage than the machine to run steadily. So, if the power outlet is connected to a breaker with fewer amps, it will trip and stop the power supply.

The Water Tank is Overfilled

Every Frigidaire countertop ice maker has a line indicator on the water reservoir that limits the amount of water it can hold. The machine will automatically shut off if it’s filled up to the brim and over the line. However, if the signals are wrong, the sensor may be blocked by debris, causing the machine to shut down.

Hard Water Buildup

If the water reservoir is fine, it may be the water supply line that may be problematic. Frigidaire ice makers have a stainless steel basket that needs to be cleaned often to prevent buildup – especially if you’re using hard water. If the water filters and pipelines are blocked, the machine won’t work.

The Water Tank is Too Cold

As ironic as it is, the Frigidaire ice maker will automatically stop working when there’s too much ice in the machine. The ice may be glued to the panels, as seen in a freezer, which blocks the water filters and turns off the machine. The Frigidaire may also cause trouble if you use warm water to make ice.

The Ice Basket is Overfilled

Besides the ice on the panels, the Frigidaire also limits how much ice it can hold in the basket. It will stop working once the line is crossed as this helps prevent overloading. If there isn’t enough ice, the sensor may be blocked, which is why the machine won’t work.

How to Troubleshoot a Frigidaire Countertop Ice Maker

Now that you know the reasons why the Frigidaire countertop ice maker may be giving you trouble, here’s how to troubleshoot the system:

Check the Power Supply

Choosing ice-maker programme at refrigerator displayer

Make sure the electrical cord of the Frigidaire countertop ice maker is plugged in correctly. If it’s fraying, replace it immediately to regulate the power supply. If the ice maker keeps tripping the breaker, contact a professional to examine the power outlets thoroughly.

Drain the Excess Water

The Frigidaire countertop ice maker indicates whether the water tank is too full or too empty. If the water line on the reservoir is submerged underwater, drain the excess and turn on the machine. If it’s too empty, fill it with cold water and check if the machine works. 

Clean the Water Tank

The Frigidaire ice maker will need a thorough cleaning from time to time. To clean mineral buildup, remove the water filters and soak them in vinegar before scrubbing them clean. Then, wipe down the machine with a clean, dry cloth, going over the water and ice sensors.

Remove the Excess Ice

If the Frigidaire ice maker has ice on the panels, let it melt entirely or flush it with warm water if you’re in a rush before running the machine. Make sure to use cold or at least room temperature soft water to make ice. 

Look for Leaks

Ensure that the water supply line isn’t chipped. Any water leakage can cause significant damage to the electrical panels and turn off the machine completely. If the Frigidaire ice maker isn’t leaking water, it may be losing refrigerant, for which you’ll need to contact a professional repair technician.

Consult the Manual

Always keep the manual of the Frigidaire ice maker close. Go through the instructions, maintenance steps, and troubleshooting specifics mentioned. For example, you’ll need it to remove the water filters for cleaning and to replace the power cord.

How to Reset a Frigidaire Countertop Ice Maker?

If the Frigidaire countertop ice maker you have has passed the troubleshooting drill, but it still won’t work, try resetting it. 

Some newer models of Frigidaire ice makers do have a specific reset button, but if you have an older model and don’t know how to restart it, here’s how you can do it:

  • First, unplug the Frigidaire ice maker.
  • Then, drain the water filter, and if there’s ice in the basket, take it out.
  • Next, take a dry cloth and wipe the machine inside and out.
  • Finally, close the Frigidaire, replug it to power and turn it on.
  • If it doesn’t start, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds, which will reset the machine.
  • Turn it on after two hours like you usually would, and the Frigidaire should work perfectly.

Tips to Maintain a Frigidaire Countertop Ice Maker

frigidaire countertop ice maker troubleshooting

Once the Frigidaire countertop ice maker is up and running, you need to follow a few maintenance procedures to avoid troubleshooting in the future. Here are a few details on three of them:

Clean the Water and Ice Filters

Always place the Frigidaire countertop ice maker in your cleaning regimen. Wipe down the machine and scrub the water filters clean with vinegar every few weeks; it’ll be as good as new. Make sure to clean it, especially before restarting it after a long winter. 

Keep it Away From Heat

As important as the temperature of the water in the reservoir is, the room’s climate also matters. So make sure to keep the Frigidaire countertop ice maker in a cool, dry place away from heated appliances and near an air conditioner. It allows the machine to stay cool while it’s running.

Regularly Check for Supply Leaks

If you’re continuously powering the Frigidaire countertop ice maker, make sure to turn it off once every few weeks and check for any hairline leaks. Sometimes, shards of ice can damage the surface of the basket, which ultimately places the other components in jeopardy. If there’s a leak, consult a technician.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run vinegar through my portable ice maker?

Yes, you can run vinegar through your portable ice maker. It is an excellent cleaning agent, especially for mineral deposits built by hard water usage. Make sure to use white vinegar and dilute it with a cup of water for every two cups to ensure the reservoir doesn’t have the smell or taste of acid.

Can I manually force my Frigidaire ice maker to cycle?

Yes, there are ways you can manually force the Frigidaire ice maker to cycle, mainly after troubleshooting. Simply take off the front of the ice maker and consult with the manual for detailed steps on how to do it. You could also contact a professional from the brand to help.

Does the Frigidaire countertop ice maker have a filter?

Yes, the Frigidaire countertop ice maker has a water filter. It helps in a steady flow of water and filters out the debris and odd smells to give solid ice. If it’s blocked, the machine will turn off automatically.

Where is the water filter on a Frigidaire countertop ice maker?

The water filter on a Frigidaire countertop ice maker is usually in the top right corner. The exact location of the filter for the model you have will be mentioned in the manual provided. In addition, a diagram usually details the machine’s parts and tips to maintain it.

Final Thoughts

Summers can be excruciatingly long, but with a refreshing drink mixed with a lot of ice, the time may feel better. Now that you understand the Frigidaire countertop ice maker troubleshooting, you’ll have ice ready for many summers ahead.

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