Can You Put Paper Towel in an Air Fryer? Top Things to Know      
can you put paper towel in air fryer

If you own an air fryer, you may have wondered, can you put a paper towel in the air fryer? The answer is no, you cannot put paper towels in an air fryer. Paper towels are a flammable material, and placing them can increase the chances of fire. 

Air fryers are convection ovens and draw a higher amount of power. They can operate at very high temperatures and circulate the air quickly within the unit. That’s why air fryers can heat food quickly. 

Paper towels can block the flow of hot air in the air fryer. Putting sheets of paper towels in the air fryer can lead to reduced cooking performance. This is because the towel will soak the oil in food. And when the paper towel absorbs oil, it can moisten your meal.

Can You Put Paper Towels in an Air Fryer?

paper towel and air fryer

With the surging popularity of air fryers, individuals want to know in detail about the device’s capabilities. The most straightforward answer to whether you should use a paper towel in an air fryer would be no.

An air fryer is a modern-day kitchen appliance. It works by circulating hot air inside the compartment. It is the hot circulating air that cooks your meals. Using an air fryer can be the healthiest way to prepare your meals. Air frying is also a better alternative to conventional deep-frying methods.

Putting paper towel sheets in a fryer will create a lot of smoke. The smoke emitted from the air fryer can be hazardous. Refrain from leaving the air fryer unattended.

Top Reasons Not to Put Place Paper Towel in an Air Fryer

Here are the top reasons why you should never place paper towels in fryers.

Inconsistent Cooking

It may sound like a good idea to place paper towels in an air fryer. But doing so will block the flow of hot air across the unit. And when there is a disruption in the airflow, it can lead to non uniform cooking and a portion of the food particles will remain uncooked. The food you’re cooking will lose consistency.

Risk of Fire 

Placing paper towels inside the air fryer can cause a fire. A fire from using paper sheets in a fryer can quickly go out of your control.

Paper Towels Don’t Weigh Much 

An air fryer functions by constantly circulating hot air across the cooking compartment. It is an aggressive process. Paper towel sheets are light and can fly around inside this compartment. You can consider placing a wire rack over the paper towel to help restrict the movement of the fryer.

Application of Paper Towels for Seasoning

paper towel

You should never use paper towels inside the fryer when the appliance is switched on. But you can use paper towels in specific ways for seasoning. For example, you can rely on paper towels to clean the basket of the fryer to stop food particles from sticking.

Paper towels can also prevent the formation of grease inside the air fryer. The process of cleaning an air fryer becomes simpler when you use paper towels wisely. 

Here are the best ways to use paper sheets and towels for seasoning.

  • Place the fryer’s basket inside and switch the device on.
  • Open the device and extract the basket.
  • Apply oil on the basket’s wall with a towel made of paper to stop the constituents from getting stuck.
  • Place the basket inside and switch on the fryer for three minutes.

By seasoning the air fryer with paper towels, you can ensure its longevity. Seasoning will also stop the components of the air fryer from peeling. In most models of fryers, peeling is a common problem.

The Best Alternatives for Paper Towels

One of the best alternatives for paper towels is to use parchment paper. Parchment paper, sometimes referred to as baking paper, can circulate hot air around the unit. It has perforations that ensure the proper cooking of food. Parchment papers are non-sticky and can be excellent alternatives for paper towels. Here are some other essential aspects you should know.

If you are on the lookout for reheating specific dishes, aluminum foil will be ideal.

  • Leave space for the appropriate circulation of hot air.
  • Refrain from using steel cookware – it can create inconsistent cooking.
  • Leverage the usage of kitchen gloves while operating an air fryer to avoid injuries.

Try investing in high-quality parchment paper. High-quality parchment paper boasts superior heating points. It also can stay intact even when exposed to higher temperatures.

Towels and Rags in the Kitchen

You may want to try using kitchen rags to address leaks and dried areas in your air fryer. Ensure that the rag has good absorbability. Refrain from using synthetic-based towels.

Using a Cooking Rack

You can even leverage a cooking rack made of wire mesh for preparing food. A cooking rack is a safer alternative to paper.

Baking Mats

People nowadays opt for high-quality baking mats for preparing food in air fryers. Non-stick baking mats can resist higher temperatures.

Be Cautious When Cooking with Oil

When operating the air fryer, you should be cautious of the oil. Make sure that you’re using a certified air fryer container while cooking with oil. If smoke emits from the fryer, switch off the device soon.

Operate the Air Fryer in a Ventilated Place

When operating an air fryer, it is necessary to place the device in a well-ventilated area. Smoke and fumes from the air fryer can result in serious injuries.

Be Careful While Cooking in an Air Fryer

When cooking with an air fryer, always maintain a strict watch on its operation. First, ensure that you’re not burning the food. Improper usage can lead to the burning of food particles. If the fryer emits dense smoke, leave the place.

Steps to Follow While Using Parchment Paper in an Air Fryer

Parchment Paper

So now you know that you should not put paper towels in your air fryer. But you can invest in top-quality parchment paper for use in air fryers. Here are some effective ways to utilize parchment paper in air fryers.

  • Insert the paper in the basket’s bottom area. Ensure that the parchment paper doesn’t exceed the brims of the basket’s bottom.
  • Cover the bottom of the basket to ensure proper airflow.
  • Preheat your frying basket and put the parchment paper in.
  • Refrain from putting blank parchment paper into the fryer, as it can easily get burnt.
  • After cooking food, pull the parchment paper gently from the basket’s bottom.

By using parchment paper, you don’t have to clean the basket thoroughly every time you use it.

Can You Put Aluminum Foil Inside an Air Fryer?

alumium foil and air fryer

Aluminum foil is an integral part of modern-day cooking processes and can be used in air fryers. However, it is necessary to know certain aspects before placing aluminum foil inside the fryer. The proper usage of aluminum foil will decrease clean-up duties after cooking. When used properly, aluminum foil can trap grease in the air fryer. 

It is essential to use aluminum foil properly so that it doesn’t hinder the free flow of hot air. Aluminum foil can clog the holes in the basket of the fryer.

Make some small incisions in the foil to ensure the free circulation of hot air. You can also line the basket’s bottom with aluminum foil. Ensure that the foil doesn’t expand to the basket’s edge. Improper use of aluminum foil can result in burning.

Can You Put a Glass Container in an Air Fryer?

You should only use a glass container in an air fryer if it can withstand high temperatures. The temperature inside the cooking compartment in the fryer can rise within minutes.

Therefore, you should ensure that the glass container can stay intact during higher temperatures. Putting a glass container inside an air fryer is never a viable idea because glass containers don’t have holes for air circulation so it may result in inconsistent cooking.

The Best Way to Use a Paper Towel in an Air Fryer

Many experts recommend that you do not use paper towels for cooking in air fryers. But you can punch a few holes on both sides of the paper towel. It is necessary to stay cautious while using paper towels for cooking in an air fryer.

Try to maintain the heat properly so that the towels don’t burn. If you are using air fryers for the first time, consider not using paper towels. Improper air fryer use will damage its internal components and void the warranty terms.

So, can you put a paper towel in the air fryer? If you are a novice user, you should refrain from using paper towels in an air fryer. You can use paper towels by punching holes in them, but you should only do that if you have had enough experience operating an air fryer. 

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