Buffalo Wild Wings Catering: How to Get the Right Selection for Your Event
buffalo wild wings catering

Are you catering for a large group during an event? Buffalo Wild Wings catering has a perfect selection for when you need to satisfy the taste buds of a large group of people. This franchise is a favorite catering service among party planners who are looking for tasty and stylish ways to fill the bellies of the masses.

But how do you go about selecting the right food items and amounts from this popular restaurant?

In this guide, we offer helpful advice on the best foods to order from Buffalo Wild Wings catering and shed some light on portion sizes that will match your party perfectly. 

What is Buffalo Wild Wings?

Buffalo Wild Wings is a restaurant franchise that specializes in finger foods, bite-sized appetizers, and tasty nibbles that can easily be presented on shared snack tables. The small food bites are easy to munch on and the mouth-watering appearance of these treats are perfect for creating stylish tasting areas that your party guests will love to explore. 

The menu at Buffalo Wild Wings is diverse and includes full-sized burger meals, salads, tacos, and an assortment of platters with bite-sized options like chicken strips, chicken wings, fries, nuggets, and onion rings. While they specialize in savory foods, this restaurant also has quite a few tasty sweet treats and desserts that can add diversity to your table. 

With this vast food product range, you can easily hand-pick foods that suit different party themes or event types. There is something for everyone, from small casual family parties to elaborate events. 

All food items can be ordered online or in-store. You also have the option to get these delicious foods freshly delivered to your address or you can go to the store for a pick up.

How to Pick The Right Food at Buffalo Wild Wings Catering

The Right Food at Buffalo Wild Wings Catering

Buffalo Wild Wings’ menu is quite impressive and each platter and meal looks tastier than the next. It can be a little bit intimidating to decide on the right food types to add to your snack table – especially if you are catering to a group with high expectations. 

A few elements should be taken into consideration when selecting food from a catering menu. One of the most important factors is event type because some foods fit better with certain event scenarios. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best Buffalo Wild Wings catering selections for different event types.  

Foods for Business Events

When you are catering for corporate events like company parties, conferences, charity events, product launches, or seminars, it’s usually best to focus on finger foods that are visually appealing and mess-free.

Guests at professional occasions prefer foods that can be consumed without spilling or messing up their outfits. It’s also wise to focus on foods that can be graciously consumed while making the rounds and communicating with business partners and associates. 

Finger foods are the ultimate solution when it comes to corporate events. You can overload your snack tables with foods like potato wedges, mozzarella sticks, cheddar cheese curds, onion rings, tots, and chips. These foods can be served along with a variety of dipping sauces. 

Remember to balance out your savory table with a few sweet snacks. Sweet treats like different types of cookies, chocolate brownies, whole cheesecakes, or whole chocolate fudge cake will offer a perfect blend of salty and sweet. 

With a selection of tasty finger foods, guests can easily fill small plates with bite-sized morsels and they can dunk these divine party foods and appetizers in tasty sauces to enhance their flavor. 

Foods for Formal Events

Snack items for formal events like weddings, VIP events, engagement parties, birthday parties, or milestone celebrations can be similar to those found at business events. This is, in part, because within large groups, people have different tastes. Not everyone will appreciate a table filled with burgers because some people don’t enjoy eating certain food types, like meat.

An assortment of finger foods like food platters is always best for formal events. Guests who dress for the occasion usually prefer to remain stylish and glamorous throughout the evening, so they want tasty and mess-free foods that they can easily bite into and enjoy.

Finger foods such as chicken wraps, boneless wings, pretzel knots, cauliflower wings, and chips combined with a choice of sauce are perfect options for a diverse snack table. This selection of savory foods will keep your guests content as they want for the speeches or photography sessions at the event to commence. 

Finger foods can also be served for dinner or lunch. If you are offering food from Buffalo Wild Wings catering as a main meal, you may want to consider offering some plates and cutlery along with foods like salads or macaroni and cheese since these are good budget-friendly options to accommodate larger groups.  

Foods for Casual Events 

With casual events like small family birthday parties, family gatherings, general parties, barbecues, kids parties, garden parties, baby showers, and other low-key events, it’s perfectly fine to select foods that are more filling with a more casual vibe. 

Since these casual events are often themed, you might want to select foods from Buffalo Wild Wings catering that suit your party theme in some way. 

Here are some good examples: 

Taco Tables

Flour tortillas stuffed with a delicious filling are the ultimate group food because these foods are trendy and stylish, everyone loves them, and they are easy to serve. Tacos can be a great selection for Mexican, cowboy, or fiesta party themes and will go well with colorful decor and pinatas. 

You can also offer an assortment of taco types like classic chicken wraps or Buffalo ranch chicken wraps to keep things interesting. 

Burger Tables

Burgers are perfect when you are catering to family and friends. These foods are also often preferable for kid’s parties because children find these foods so easy to consume and they are good budget selections. 

Burgers also blend well with just about any party theme. They’re a good option for outdoor movie nights, pool parties, game nights, slumber parties, and backyard camping parties, and suit most kids’ party themes.

Finger Food Tables

Mixed tables with lots of different savory foods like traditional wings, fried chicken strips, chicken tenders, fries, chips, mozzarella sticks, fried pickles, onion rings, traditional wings, and tots will make your snack table very inviting. Add a couple of healthy sides like baby carrots and celery sticks for color and decorate your table with small posts of tasty dipping sauces. This blend of bite-sized foods is perfect for entertaining your guests since they will have a blast sampling all of the tasty morsels.  

Bird Dawg Tables

Bird Dawgs and fries are also a good option when filling the bellies of a group of hungry family members. These long dinner rolls are stuffed with crispy chicken, drenched with a thick sauce, and served with tasty fries. This type of comfort food is bound to make your guests feel very welcome. 

How to Pick Suitable Portions When Ordering from Buffalo Wild Wings Catering 

Buffalo chicken wings on the table

Selecting the right food portions for guests is one of the most challenging parts of planning and catering for a party. One of the easiest ways to determine how much food to order is by asking for advice from local food restaurants. 

You can also consider this general guide when you are planning out your meals. 

Average Person Food Consumption

The average adult consumes about one pound of food during a party, while children consume roughly 1/2 a pound of food during a party. 

As you increase food options, you can decrease the amount of food per person. For example, if you’re offering a buffet and a main course then you can decrease the main course by one or two ounces. Your buffet also doesn’t need a pound of each food type per person because each guest will only consume about one pound of food in total.

It’s also important to realize that people tend to consume a lot more during nighttime events than daytime events. 

Quantity of Wings Per Person

Since the chicken wings served at Buffalo Wild Wings catering are their top-selling selling food, you probably want to include this in your order. 

It’s usually best to order an average of three wings per person. For a party of 6-8 people, you’ll need around 24 chicken wings on your platter. For 14-16 people, you’ll need around 48 chicken wings. And if you have a large group of 35-40 people, there should be approximately 120 chicken wings. 

How Many Food Types for a Snack Table

Platters and appetizer plates usually have a minimum of four food options per person. This can be a good selection for a small party but you might want to include a larger selection of food types when you are hosting a large event. A diverse range of food items will also make your snack table look a lot more interesting and appealing. 

Ideally, there should also be around three of each snack item for each guest. This means that each guest will be able to munch on 12 food bits, which should be more than enough to satisfy their hunger throughout the event. 

When offering a large selection of food types, decrease your portion count for each item. For example, if you have five different food types on your snack table then you only need to include about two of each food item per person. 

Tips For Arranging Food on Snack Tables

Banquet table with snacks

Your snack table should look attractive with a combination of food dishes, decor, and color. There are many different ways to go about arranging the food and decorations on your snack table. Here are some clever tricks that caterers use when preparing tables at parties and events. 

Start With Your Base Dishes

The base dishes, or main dishes, should go on your table first because these will take up the most room. An extravagant snack table should have around five or six main dishes that are ideally placed in beautiful containers. 

The type of food containers you use can have a huge impact on the overall appeal of your table. Finger foods and party snacks tend to look attractive on wooden trays, but you can also select neutral ceramic bowls to pack out your dishes. 

Include Snack Items

After placing your main dishes, fill out the rest of the table with snacks. Pour snack items like chips, pretzels, cookies, or freshly cut veggies into small but attractive bowls and randomly place them among your snack items. 

Add Cutlery and Serviettes

After adding snack items, put out cutlery, plates, and serviettes. These are usually placed at the corners of the table so guests can easily access them.

Include Decor

Leave a little bit of room for decor – the decor can match your party theme or event vibe and will make the food look and feel like it matches the event. Decor can be anything from themed cupcakes and beautiful flowers to balloons and pop-up prints.  

Final Thoughts

Buffalo Wild Wings catering is an ideal way to order for an event, whether you’re filling the bellies of family members at a small gathering or catering for a larger group. This restaurant has a huge selection of tasty food to choose from and their delivery services offer convenience for party planners who already have so much ground to cover.

We hope that this guide made it easier for you to pick and choose the right foods for your event type and that it gave you a better idea of the right amount of food to offer based on the size of your party. 

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buffalo wild wings catering

Buffalo Wild Wings Catering: How to Get the Right Selection for Your Event

Are you catering for a large group during an event? Buffalo Wild Wings catering has a perfect selection for when you need to satisfy the taste buds of a large group of people. This franchise is a favorite catering service among party planners who are looking for tasty and stylish ways to fill the bellies of the masses.

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