Your Guide to Choosing the Best Ductless Range Hood in 2022
best ductless range hood

Keeping a modern kitchen clean is no small task. Between the consistent spills and fumes your cooking surface will be exposed to, you certainly have your work cut out for you! But, one thing that can make this task easier is a ductless range hood!

These tools are an important part of any kitchen design now because they help maintain kitchen air quality and dispel smoke particles faster. The powerful ventilation they bring ensures that cooking fumes no longer ruin your cooking experience.

Now that you know how a dustless hood can impact your cooking experience, the question now becomes how to pick the best product for your space. 

We have looked through different kitchen hoods and put together a list to help your search. Here are some of the best ductless range hoods worth checking out this year!

Best Ductless Range Hood: Top Picks

1. Cosmo COS-5MU30 30 in. Under Cabinet Range Hood

The slim design of this 30-inch ductless range hood is enough to steal the heart of any homeowner. But, what helped it make our list are the outstanding features this tool brings to transform your kitchen air.

Built with a convertible range hood, it can work perfectly with a charcoal filter as well. On the inside, it features special aluminum mesh filters that help it eliminate dirt with ease.

It also adds improved visibility to your space as it comes with a 3W LED light bulb in the back and is controlled using push-button controls. The stainless steel design of this range hood also means that it’ll be easy to clean.

Its fan speeds are generated by a three-speed motor which you can use to improve air quality by perusing its three speed options. 

This particular ductless model also gives you greater flexibility when it comes to kitchen design. This is because, like a custom range hood, you can install it as a wall mount range hood or as a kitchen cabinet range hood. 


  • It comes at a very reasonable price.
  • As a convertible range hood, it’s compatible with a carbon filter kit and has easily replaceable charcoal filters.
  • It has several interesting high-tech features that improve your cooking experience.
  • It features a fan speed adjustment option. Because of this, you get 3-speed settings that offer maximum power at minimal noise levels.
  • Its stainless steel finish makes it a very stylish addition to any modern kitchen design.
  • It comes with one incandescent bulb.


  • It may not be very efficient when used as a recirculating range hood.
  • It may not be very durable.

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2. Broan-NuTone 412101 Non-Ducted Ductless Range Hood

One of the foremost members of the Broan-NuTone 41000 series, there’s a reason that this ductless range hood has so many positive customer reviews anywhere you look on the Internet.

One of the best things about this ductless range hood is that it’s available in various sizes. What this means for you is that you can get the best fit for your kitchen space without having to settle!

The 36-inch model in particular is one of our favorites because of how easily it lends itself to a wide array of uses. Its remarkably easy installation process also means that you don’t have to stop cooking  for too long before it’s in place and ready for use. 

Its 2-speed motor fan gives you proper ventilation and keeps cooking odors firmly within tolerable levels at all times. Its compact and ergonomic size makes it ideal for electric stove or gas stove tops as well.

Unlike the typical aluminum hood insert, this stainless steel range hood is designed to offer you more ventilation power for longer periods.


  • It has an attractive sleek design.
  • The incandescent lights offer the right level of illumination.
  • The non-vented range hood features easily replaceable charcoal carbon filters.
  • It has nice, separate rocker switches for controlling the LED bulbs and fan speed setting.
  • These ductless range hoods are fully ADA-compliant.


  • The carbon filter of the ductless ranges isn’t always as efficient as it should be.
  • The 2-speed motor may not improve indoor air quality well. This is because it malfunctions often.

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3. Cosmo 5U30 30 in. Under Cabinet Range Hood with Ducted / Ductless Convertible Slim Kitchen Over Stove Vent

For the most part, even people who know little next to nothing about ductless range hoods want to get these tools. However, the hefty price tags that they often command make even those who know what they have to offer step back sometimes.

Luckily, products like this ductless range hood view ensure you can still get these items at affordable prices.

What’s great about the Cosmo 5U30 is that it gives you most of what you’d only normally get with more expensive products.

Its 3-speed settings mean you have complete control over your kitchen indoor quality. Also, if you’re looking for quiet range hoods, you’d be hard-pressed to find something that generates a lower level of noise at this price range. 


  • It’s one of the most efficient convertible range hood products available today.
  • It boasts super energy-efficient LED lights.
  • It comes with everything to make the installation process smooth and fast.
  • The stainless steel design of the hood makes it easy to maintain.
  • It’s one of the most affordable hood products available at the moment.


  • CFM power of ventilation means it’s only good for kitchens where only light cooking is done.
  • While its aluminum mesh filters are easy to clean, it isn’t dishwasher-safe.

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4. MCBON Range Hood Insert 30 Inch

The most efficient and powerful range hoods out there don’t require you to sacrifice one thing just so you can have more of something else. If you don’t want to pick between two functions that you can’t live without, the MCBON Range Hood is for you.

Made with glistening, stainless steel, you won’t find a better ductless range hood view to help you get rid of potentially dangerous gases in the kitchen. Its exhaust fan is specially designed to generate powerful ventilation of up to 600 CFM steadily. This effectively keeps you fully protected whether you’re doing light or heavy cooking.

In addition to this, it easily functions as a non-ducted range hood or a recirculating range hood. Its high-tech features also make it one of the easiest accessories to install in your kitchen.

That’s why it’s our best ductless range hood pick of the year!


  • It has a very strong suction power.
  • It generates minimal noise.
  • It features an efficient ductless range hood insert.
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • Its permanent filters are machine washable.
  • The entire cabinet range hood is easy to clean and maintain.
  • The various high-tech features and simple installation manual makes these quiet range hoods easy to put in place.


  • It doesn’t have warm LED bulbs.
  •  You may need to have a cabinet specially built for it.

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What Are Ductless Range Hoods?

A ductless kitchen hood is an accessory that helps improve your indoor air quality by cleaning and redistributing any dangerous gases that may result during cooking.

Because of how this machine interacts with cooking odors, it’s also called a recirculating range hood. 

This tool uses high fan speeds to suck in the polluted air, detoxify it with a carbon filter, and then release the clean air back into the room. This effectively negates the need to get a chimney extension. 

These products will also often come with various additional features such as incandescent lights that you can use to make your cooking experience a more enjoyable one. 

Why You Should Invest in the Best Ductless Range Hood

Sure, ductless range hoods make a modern kitchen nice and all. 

But since there are so many kinds of range hoods, why exactly do you have to be particular about which one you use?

While there are a ton of reasons you should pay attention to your choice of ductless hood, here are three of the most important ones to consider:

  1. Only the best ductless ranges can keep your indoor air quality completely free of cooking odors. This is especially important because proper ventilation can help increase your productivity in the kitchen.
  2. Only a good recirculating hood can properly complement your kitchen. Short of getting a custom range hood, any random ductless kitchen hood will only impair the aesthetics of your modern kitchen.
  3. Good ductless ranges can help you reduce much of the hassle of the installation process. Because most of these types of range hoods are specially designed to optimize ease of installation, you’ll have less trouble putting them up.

Now you know just how important these accessories are, here’s how to choose the best ductless range hood for your kitchen!

How to Pick the Best Ductless Range Hood

To pick the best ductless ranges for your space, some of the most important variables to consider include:

The Filter Type Used

Ductless range hoods can either come with a mesh or baffle filter.

The type of filter used is important because it is the part of the machine that purifies the dangerous gases and smoke particles

Opting for stainless steel baffle filters or mesh filters is great, provided the items are easy to wash or clean.

The Ventilation Power

Next to the filter type, the power of ventilation is crucial to the performance of any recirculating range hood.

The CFM range of these devices can often give you an idea of how fast and efficiently it cleans your air. As such, it’s best to get one with recirculating hood speed options that’s between 300- 600 CFM.

The Product Size

The ease with which you can keep your modern kitchen clean is also tied to the size of your range hood. In addition to housing size, you need to consider the size of your stove as well.

You need to get a ductless hood that fits your kitchen space if you want something that’ll efficiently take care of the airborne particles that come about while you cook.

The Noise Levels Generated

Range hoods with a powerful motor will make some noise. However, these sound levels must not become so loud that it’s obvious and distracting.

Quiet range hoods are always preferable as these will rid your modern kitchen of airborne particles without negatively affecting your cooking experience in the process.

Such ductless vent hoods also tend to be more energy-efficient.

The Lighting Features Available

One of the most important features of any ductless hood is lighting. 

It doesn’t have to brighten your entire kitchen. But, it should be enough to help you get on with the cooking process without having to squint.

What Happened to Ducted Range Hoods?

These types of range hoods are also great but may always be ideal for a modern kitchen. This is mainly because they require ducting to work.

And, while they may be able to generate superior suction power when compared to ductless range hoods, they are considerably more expensive to get, set up, and maintain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Ductless Range Hoods Better Than Ducted Range Hoods?

This depends on what you want from each system.

If you have ample space and you want a system that generates massive suction power, then a ducted range hood is what you want.

However, if you’re short on space and lack the structural capacity to lay in ductwork, then a ductless range hood will work best for you.

What’s the Best Filter for my Ductless Range Hood?

Charcoal filters are the best filters for a ductless hood. These are highly efficient at trapping contaminants across wide gas ranges while cooking. They help you neutralize these with ease and make your indoor air quality better.

What CFM Ratio Should I Look For in a Range Hood?

If you have an electric stove, make sure you don’t get a product that has less than a 300 CFM rating ratio.

If you have a gas stove and perform heavy cooking more often, you should get one with at least 800 CFM.

Why Do I Need a More Powerful Ductless Range Hood for a Gas Stove?

Because gas stoves give off a higher energy output and so require something equally powerful to ensure proper ventilation.


The best ductless range hood for you is the MCBON Range Hood Insert. It’s available at an affordable price, has a sleek design, and brings enough fan power to bear to keep your kitchen air clean always!

The other products on our list are great too and will do a lot to make you more comfortable while you cook.

eSee more ways to improve the appeal of your modern kitchen here!

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